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Surprise Holiday Grapevine

Hello all,

Thought your inboxes are probably looking a bit empty, so I'm just popping in with some news. I hope you're taking advantage of the hint of Spring weather. In celebration, the College punt is now available for hire from the Cherwell Boathouse, off Bardwell Road in North Oxford (OX2 6ST). If you’re interested in taking a punt, you will need to speak to staff at the Porter’s Lodge in advance, at which point a charge of £20 will be required for a 3-hour slot – very good value for money, with commercial rates being upwards of £15 an hour.


P.S. If anyone knows where to find decent choccy milk in this town, let a gal know.


Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race

Women’s race: 4.35pm
Men’s race: 5.35pm
A number of GTC students are racing in the Oxford vs. Cambridge Women's Boat Race this year on Sunday April 2nd! Isa (OUWBC president), Chloe (rower), Jenny (rower), Clarissa (cox), and Jess (cox) would love your support on the day!
Tickets to the official GTC viewing at the Black Lion Pub have sold out, but there are multiple viewing points along the river, so go on down anyway!

When?Sunday 2 April, 2 pm
Where?The Black Lion Pub, Hammersmith
Questions?Email Jess Buck

Cuppers for Croquet

Entries for Croquet Cuppers 2017 are now open! Absolutely no experience at playing croquet is required - most teams are, in fact, novices. Colleges will have equipment and lawns to use, so just bring along 3 friends, some enthusiasm, and maybe a dash of Pimm's!

Entering the competition couldn't be simpler. There are 3 easy steps:
1. Find yourself a team of 4 people (all from the same college or hall).
2. Register your names at

3. Pay £1 (per team!!) at

More info:Facebook


Submit your art by 20 May

Students! Fellows! Staff! Alumni! We invite all members of the GTC community to showcase their artwork.
We will be holding the second annual GTC Art Exhibition opening 1st of June in the Stables Gallery. That's right, the college will be displaying YOUR drawings, collages, paintings, sketches, prints and pretty much anything that can be hung on a wall that is not a photograph. Some of the perks of submitting your artwork:
Exhibit your work in the friendly welcoming environment of GTC
Get your artwork framed for free!

Meet and mingle with other artists and art enthusiasts on the opening night
Beginners encouraged to submit - we want to showcase a wide variety of work and use this as an opportunity for all the hidden artists of GTC to meet, mingle and be merry. We are also excited to see submissions from the art therapy sessions.
It's simple: Just bring your artwork to the GTC lodge where a portfolio will safely store your work. Fill in the short form and place it on top of your masterpiece before inserting them both into the portfolio. Deadline to submit is 20 May. We can't wait to see your work!

Questions?Email Marija Pantelic


Donald Trump Visiting Fellow

Dear all,

GTC has asked for feedback from members of the GCR over rumours of a possible move to make Donald Trump a visiting fellow of the college in return for endorsing his campaign to become Republican Candidate for US President.

The unlikely alliance came after an email apparently from inside the Trump campaign was leaked to the GCR. In the document, Trump was revealed to be keen get the endorsement of an Oxbridge College because it would "totally p*** off (Democrat nominee) Berne (Sanders)".

In return, Trump is thought to be keen to teach Evidence Based Social Policy and help out with singing lessons for those from less well off backgrounds. It's also thought college has reached out to him over replacing the Doll Building with a hotel that "wouldn't smell as much", in return for renaming GTC the Green Trump Templeton College, to help "settle an old grudge".

College is keen to hear student feedback and understands there may be opposition to the move because of concerns Trump might not be as cuddly as he looks on TV. It does however want students to be reminded that if the move goes ahead at least the number of reporters around means they'll probably be someone to talk to the at the GTC bar.

All feedback welcome.

Questions?Email Alastair
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