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The end of a great week 8...

Unbelievable but true…week 8 is over! Before you head off home (or not – more on that later…) a few final thoughts:

Don’t forget that you can still get involved in GTC’s annual 100² initiative – if you have an idea for an event or initiative to improve student wellbeing at GTC, tell us about it here: The GCR are giving 100 student ideas £100 for any event or initiative that improves the wellbeing of the students here. This can be something simple but sweet: in a previous year, one student organised for warm cookies to be delivered to people’s pigeonholes!

The GCR has organised a few events for those of you around during the winter break, including a family friendly Christmas dinner and yoga. Check out the full term card on the GTC facebook group.

GTC is currently looking for a Zumba instructor to increase the breadth of fitness classes offered at the college. If you know someone (or you are someone!) who might be willing to offer reasonably priced Zumba classes at GTC, please drop the GCR committee a line.

GTC is now in the process of drawing up plans for increasing college facilities on site. Please complete this survey to give feedback to the project organisers on what is important to you as a student of the college:

Please take some time to do this if you can: the more student feedback we get, the more the new build will reflect student needs!

Finally, a message from the college for those of you at GTC using OFO bikes: "It has been brought to my attention that GTC students who make use of the OFO bike share scheme may not realise that if they want their “hire” to be collected by the company, it needs to be parked in a public space such as a pavement. OFO are not allowed to enter private property (such as gardens, driveways and, for Colleges, quads) to retrieve their cycles. The same rule applies to other companies operating a similar scheme under different licensing names."

Volunteers needed

Mood swings? Volunteers aged 18-35 required for medication study investigating the role of calcium channels in mood instability. Time/travel reimbursed. For more information, visit the Department of Psychiatry website.

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